Dependencies Slow to Update + Way to force dependencies to recalculate?

I have a relatively simple plan ~ 50 tasks, and total of about 100 sub tasks.
I’ve only just added the dependencies for the first 10 tasks, and it is sometimes taking upwards of a minute before it even starts recalculating - then is VERY slow to calculate on step at a time (the plan so far just with these dependencies can take a minute to update each task).

Also, is there a way to force recalculating (when adding a new dependency) has been added, as the only way i can make it update is by changing a date.


I agree that this is a big problem. Dependencies barely function in Monday.

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Any update on this from @Monday? This is critically important functionality.


Also interested in the solution for this, is there a roadmap to check out?

Newbie user here.
I read this help article
Frankly the use of automations to deliver dependencies is a bit of a joke, particularly as only one recipe can be used at a time unless you want to have multiple date columns. I haven’t used it to the extent of creating lag, but I can see how this would be a problem. If it can’t handle 150 tasks and subtasks in about a millisecond then it’s not working.
Dependencies should really be built in to the basic UI so it functions as a proper project management tool.

We are close to releasing an app that acts like Wrike. It supports lag and 4 dependency types (FS, SS, FF and SF (or deadline planning)).


This is great news. What is the ETA on this app release? Our schedules rely heavily on the dependency column and it is currently not doing what we expected it to do.

As per the earlier post, we’d really appreciate an update on the app’s ETA.

After spending a lot of time building our project plan, the dependency issue is crippling the plan’s use.

We’ve found great for another use case.

However, while not mentioned as a threat, if there’s not a fix for a fundamentally broken project management feature on the horizon, we’ll be porting our plan to Wrike.

We’re cheering in your corner, that you get over this hump ASAP.

All, the app “Advanced Dependency Planning” is ready and is offered by our partner Work Perfect. Please contact @Kimb for details.

The app simulates the famous Wrike planning tool. It is using a simple recipe to define your columns

Below screenshot shows the different dependency types:


Thanks for your prompt response.

It will be good to understand if this app solves the dependency performance issues, versus just adding multiple types, which we don’t need, as I expect most others, we typically only use FS.

While I’m hoping I’m wrong, I wouldn’t expect to need to turn to a third party vendor to address a core PM feature issue, which appears to be tied to the automation architecture.

hi @dking the ask was for the ETA :). But you are correct. The app adds a number of features to the dependencies, like multiple types (yes, there are lot of people looking for that), lag, skipping weekend days (in a later version also defined holiday days), dependency loop detection etc.

Unfortunately we can’t solve the performance issue. I am discussing performance with the monday dev team, but I don’t expect an answer very soon. From my analysis the performance issue is with the time needed for monday to trigger on a change. This can vary from 30ms to (worst I have seen almost 10 seconds).

Thanks for the further detail and candid response which is very much appreciated.

We’ve experienced similar lag, which have been exacerbated by changes not being evident until a manual screen refresh. At times this has prompted our PM to attempt further changes while your platform’s chugging away, generating “race-like” conditions making matters worse…

We’re going to see if a “more patient workflow” is workable for our plan, otherwise we’ll be looking elsewhere for the Wrike stuff.

Don’t understand the part “while your platform’s chugging away, generating “race-like” conditions making matters worse”. Our platform can only react on incoming request from monday. If those are slow every app and even monday itself suffers from that.

As an example: I just created an item on an 4 item / 3 column board that has item default values set. It takes approx. 6 seconds before the item default value is set. Hope monday realizes that this really needs attention @Matias.Monday @dipro

I think it is great that partners are currently filling the gaps in the standard product. That is the whole point of having a healthy ecosystem and extensibility capability, keep up the good work. That said I have to agree with @dking that this should be standard product functionality, or at a minimum, a standard roadmap item, yet there is no roadmap…with the exception of Sub-Items which is a whole other (sad/slow) story.

Due to IT security and privacy concerns not all of us can activate add-ons without having to go through a very thorough check, this also bring questions around supportability/compatibility.


Does the app work with subitems as well? We currently use dependencies on a sub-item level only as we could not find a way in monday to use dependency’s between item and sub-item level efficiently.

In the current version this app does not support subitems.

Echoing this. I’m also a little hesitant to install a third-party app for scheduling options that are relatively simple, yet necessary and crucial.

I’m not seeing this app available in the platform, is there another name for it?

The app is offered by Work Perfect under the name “Scheduler Pro”. You can contact @libin from Work Perfect for the details.

Thanks @basdebruin

Hi @Aschne43 ,
Please see my colleague’s post here for more information :slight_smile: You can receive a trial to the app through submitting this form!

If you think SchedulerPro will work for you, you can email me at for more details :smiley: Cheers