Is there a workaround to duplicate something like dependencies without having to step up two plan levels?

Dependencies are a pretty fundamental part of project management. Been trying to use Monday without dependencies and it’s taking way too much time to manage. Starting to think about alternatives. Any ideas of how to use the basic plan and still manage dependencies?

Hey there! Not at this time. :pensive:

However, you could use the automations to push and set dates in the Date Columns depending on changes to another item’s date or status. Have you tried one of these types of workarounds?

Let us know what kind of process you are looking to set up with dependencies so we can suggest some alternatives!

Any project with tasks has ordered tasks, some of which are dependent on the output of a previous task. For example, planning and implementing annual performance reviews. I run two per year which start with planning, then employee self-assessments, then additional contributors reviews, then the supervisor final review, then package up the scores/comments which then goes to the compensation committee for merit review and after two months the supervisor discusses the review/merit increase with the employee and the next day payroll is run with the merit increases.

I get tired of re-ordering everything. I try to sort by timeline but the next time I look, the tasks are out of order again. Spending more time managing than managing the project.

Also, I’m only on the basic plan and no one wants to pay for the next level up.