deprecatedField warning, first column values not returned in API-returned results

Could the “deprecatedField” warning at the end of the following api querry result be the reason for no values being returned for the first column? How can this be fixed?

{'data': {'boards': [{'columns': [{'id': 'name', 'title': 'Column1'}, {'id': 'text', 'title': 'Column2'}, {'id': 'text', 'title': 'Column3'}], 'items': [{'column_values': [{'text': 'Example text 2'}, {'text': 'Example text 3'}]}]}]}, 'extensions': {'warnings': [{'message': 'Replaced by Board.items_page in 2023-10', 'locations': [{'line': 8, 'column': 5}], 'path': ['query', 'boards', 'items'], 'extensions': {'code': 'deprecatedField', 'typeName': 'Board', 'fieldName': 'items'}}]}, 'account_id': 123} 

hi @charter

Welcome to the community! Without the original query it is hard to tell what the reason is. In general: the leftmost column (called name) requires a different approach. If your goal is to retrieve all values on the board (all columns / all items) you should specify the name field along with the column_values field, like this:

  boards(ids: [123456789]) {
    items_page {
      items {
        column_values {

This one is using the 2023-10 version of the API. Therefore (see your original warning) you need to include the items_page field. If you have more that 100 items on your board you need to retrieve the cursor field and loop until you received all items. See: Items page