Detect if the update was done via email or via UI

Hey team!

I was wondering if there is way we can detect that the update was sent via email to the board. I see that you have a nice email icon near such updates. So how we detect it via API?

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I wonder the same thing.
Currently there’s no way to know thru API how an update has been created .

Hi @ilia510 and @rob!

At this time, I tested it out and you can use our create_webhook(event: create_update...) API method to gauge for new updates posted (both within the UI, as well as when emailed into the item email).

After an update has been created via a user writing in with email, the webhook will indeed trigger and return a payload.

Is this what you’re looking for? Let me know if you had something else in mind.


I believe what Ilia and Rob are referring to is that there is currently no way to tell the SOURCE of the update. In th UI you can tell whether or not an update was created via an email. But, there is no corresponding indication via the API.


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Thanks for stepping in and clarifying further! I have to agree and confirm your undrstanding of the options offered by our API, it is indeed not possible to determine if an update was sent via email just yet.

This brought to mind the post by you, actually.

@ilia510 and @rob

Please feel free to +1 the feature request by @JCorrell below:
Is there a way to identify updates sent via email?


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Hi @JCorrell, thanks a lot for stepping in, I should’ve searched first.

Thanks @AlexSavchuk for clarification. What appears to me that it can be a simple but really really useful thing to implement - UI is already displaying the extra icon, so some flag or some indicator is already passed to JavaScript/React. It adds these tags, so there is already a logic that can be exposed as a flag.