Difficulty in deleting some columns

I dont understand why I’m unable to delete some columns at both parent and sub-item level. The ‘delete’ option is grayed out and when i mouse over it - i get the below message:

‘This column is required and cannot be deleted’

This seems to be happening recently. Can anyone provide some guidance?

Much appreciated


Hey @graeme.renfrey! Hm, is this occurring on a specific template from our templates store? If you can let us know, we can test this on our end :pray:

Thanks Bianca - yeah, if you use the ‘Single Project’ template - and try to delete ‘Planned Effort’ or ‘Effort Spent’ cols - the delete option is greyed out.

Thanks for letting me know! I’ve investigated internally and can confirm that because this template is associated with one of our products, it means that certain boards (/templates) and columns in different boards cannot be deleted or duplicated to ensure workflows are not broken in the products - hopefully this makes a bit of sense! In order to combat this, you can hide the columns - sorry for any inconveniences caused!