Digital Marketing Agencies: Campaign Performance + Workflow Automations

Hi everyone,

I’m running a webinar for Digital Marketing Agencies on how to get their campaign data into monday AND automatically create workflows based on the performance of those campaigns.

What: Master real-time campaign management with and Supermetrics

When: Thu, 17th Aug at 12pm AEST


Most of the digital marketing agencies we’ve recently spoken to can get the data about their campaigns, but then it’s up to them to see the warning signs and red flags, decide what to do and allocate the work to their team in time to make sure the campaigns are performing the way they should be.

This webinar is about automating campaign management, tasks, and performance management. Then taking it to the next level and analysing their team’s performance.

Your team at Kick Consulting

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Thanks for sharing Elena! :slight_smile:

Your webinar seems like the perfect solution to streamline the process and ensure campaigns are on point. I’m particularly intrigued by the idea of automating tasks and performance management. It’s like having a digital assistant for campaign success! Excited to join the webinar and explore how and Supermetrics can revolutionize our workflow. Just wanted to share another handy tool we’ve stumbled upon - It’s been a game-changer for boosting our social media presence.