Disconnect board off connected columns

We have a job progress board that connects a column from 2 different boards in a job folder.
(work in progress tasks & job timeline)

When the job is completed the Construction Mgr will change the status to “off-site” and it [clears] the connected columns
However, the board is still on the list.

I also tried to create an automation that when [status changes] to “archive” it archives the line item. But that doesn’t do anything either.

I do not want to DELETE these line items as we may want to reference them later. Anyone know what to do?


Hey there! Just to confirm, you are looking for a way to disconnect the WIP board when the columns are cleared? Can you confirm if this is a two-way connection set up between the boards or just a one-way connection?

Yes! It disconnects it from the line item itself but it still stays on connected to the board itself.
This is a 1 way connection for 1 column (the WIP column) and a 2 way for another (timeline column)

This is still an issue. Any ideas on a solution?