Display calendar week numbers in Timeline

As a media agency we communicate almost entirely, both internally and externally, using calendar week numbers as opposed to actual dates or date ranges.

Thus we’re missing the display of week numbers specifically in the Timeline view but also the Calendar (secondary concern). We think this should be a simple change/addition:

Just being able to toggle in the Timeline the display between Mo-Fr days (ie “10 - 14”) and calendar weeks (ie “CW 09”) via the Timeline View Settings menu would be much appreciated!

We’re baffled that apparently calendar weeks haven’t been requested before according to my searches. Perhaps the use of calendar weeks for scheduling is more typical for companies based in germany compared to the rest of the world?

Please let us know in case this already exists and we somehow missed how to turn it on. Thank you!

While this feature may seem trivial at first glance, it would make it possible to group elements in graphical views and compare elements with each other over a period of time, which is currently impossible with periods (the timeline column).

Currently Monday does not allow you to compare items week by week or month by month, if these items contain a timeline column. A handicap for comparing loads and resources over time!

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I joined the community specifically because I’d like weeks in the calendar at a minimum. I still need to learn how to “like” something but I will keep my phone calendar next to me until I can only use Monday.com.