Display mirrored items as subitems?

I’m coming from ClickUp where you can add a task to multiple lists and then it gets displayed in the new list as a task, not just a value in a column.

Is there any way to replicate that functionality on Monday? I’m struggling with trying to have a sprint that includes items from multiple clients that all live in separate boards.

Hey Cameron,

Would you be able to elaborate a little further? Are you interested in having the connected item display as the subitem name, as opposed to a column connected in the subitem? I ask this, as you are able to connect and mirror items in the subitems, however I think I might be misunderstanding.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct way to replicate ClickUp’s functionality of adding a task to multiple lists on Monday.com. However, there are a couple of workarounds that you can use to achieve a similar outcome.
If you need a more seamless integration between Monday.com and ClickUp, you might consider using MAKE. These tools can automate workflows between different platforms, allowing you to connect your Monday.com and ClickUp accounts and automatically sync tasks between them.

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Here’s what I’m trying to do/structure.

Board 1

  • Task A (connected to Sprint 1)
    – Subtask A
    – Subtask B

Board 2

  • Task B (connected to Sprint 1)
    – Subtask C
    – Subtask D

Sprint 1

  • Task 1
    – Subtask A
    – Subtask B
  • Task 2
    – Subtask C
    – Subtask D

Ah, thank you for clarifying this for you - I think I am across what you’re hoping to achieve. That said, I am afraid at this time, that connected/mirrored item can only behave as a column value and not as the actual task/item/subitem. I like this suggestion and will happily take it internally. I also encourage you to submit this as a feature request, as I am sure other community members are interested in the same functionality :pray:

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