Display the date and status in one column

Would it be possible to display the date and status in one column?


What are you trying to achieve?

We need one column which has the calendar included but can be also switched to status and colour like green–>done, orange–> unknown, red–> open overdue and a grey–>unnecessary.

So that´s what we all would like to have in one calumn.

@Deniz Unfortunately that’s not possible.

Too bad :frowning: any other ideas?

Could you tell us why you want them in one column together? It might help think of workarounds for you.

Hey Krishele,
thank you for your feedback.
We usal work with an Excel-Sheet where we have the opportunity to fill in the date or the status in the same calumn.

Now there is the problem if we would like to have the same sheet in Monday.com there would be no change without having to much calumns.
Also if we want to transfer our old datas into the new sheet,

@Deniz In monday.com only Status columns have a color background. This is not a feature available in any column types. So you have to use two columns, as narrow as possible (not so much), but two columns are required.

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 14.10.44

If you turn the date into a deadline column you will get help with red and green coloring. It will not be exactly as you want, but together with @rob’s message below it will give a good idea of where you stand with all your deadlines.

This is what it will look like:

Here is the link to monday’s knowledge article on deadline mode:

Hi @rob hi @Thomas-Omnitas,

thank you for your feedback and the proposed solutions.
We will check if it would work in our board and I will come back to you asap.

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Hope their solutions work for you! :slight_smile:

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Just thinking about it from the excel-side, could you use Power Query to split the column prior to pushing up to Monday? That way you could also transform your dates into an actual date column (presumably it’s just a text column in Excel since it’s also holding a status flag/value?) and then Monday will recognize them as dates from the import and save you a step.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Power Query will generate a second table without modifying your source table, then you just move that tab to be the first tab in your excel sheet for your import to Monday.com. Once it’s set up, a click of the Refresh button will generate your upload file anytime you want.


Deniz Bey Hello,

If you need any help let me know.
Wenn Sie Hilfe brauchen sagen Sie mir bitte bescheid.
Yardıma gerek olursa ben yardımcı olurum.

There are no options to indicate Dates at the Status column. When transferring an Excel structure to Monday.com there must be to column selected 1. Status Column 2. Date Column eventhough you are able to track the date and time of the completed status aswell.
Have a nice evening

Bei Monday.com kann man leider keinen Datum im Status angeben. Wenn Sie bestimmte Ordnungen von Excel über Monday.com übertragen muss man bestimmte Aenderungen durchführen.
Schönen Abend

Monday.com’da status sadece bir durumu belirler ve status içerisinde tarih seceneği olmaz. Excelden aktarırıken bıraz yapısalda değişiklikler yapmak lazım.
İyi akşamlar

Hello Melih,

First of all thank you for you help.

Can you please tell me if its possible to set up an automation for.
When date has passed set satus to …

Thank you for your support.

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Hey @Deniz,
the automation you are looking for is not available.

The most similar one is “When date arrives, move item to group”.

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@Deniz the most similar automation available should be “if date arrives and a status is X set another status to Y”

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Thank you for your support.