Displaying multiple lines on a Dashboard calendar

Hi there, I am trying to figure out how to display more lines on the dashboard calendar. As you can see in the image, only two lines are shown on the calendar but there are four projects for the date selected - I want to see all four on the calendar. thank you.

I think the only way is to reduce your display size.

Hi Jay, many thanks for the reply - how did you adjust the display size? I tried to do that reducing the browser “zoom” setting but it didn’t help my display…

HI Alan
Did you open your calendar to a full screen?

What I did was just CTRL+{Zoom using my mouse} or you can use this zoom function if you have.

Many thanks Jay - that worked - going full screen and then adjusting the zoom on the browser. A pity that doesn’t seem to work in non full screen mode but pleased to get the solution - thank you!