Distance Away Formula

Hi: Does anyone have any experience creating a formula (or way) that will calculate the distance to a zipcode value on another cell?

hi @rescobar

That should be possible. Straigh line distance is not too difficult to build. Distance by car, air, bicycle (yes I am Dutch :slight_smile: ) would require an integration with the likes from Google Maps, Waze etc

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Makes sense but there currently is no Google Maps or Waze integration correct? So still something custom coded?

Yes, that would require coding an app that integrates monday with Maps / Waze

@basdebruin Any suggestions as to who could do that?

I am almost sure app developers are reading this forum too, so I would not be suprised is someone is picking this up. I could do it also but currently very limited in time.

@basdebruin great. This would be my first custom code job so I have zero feel for expense. if you had to ball park the cost…where do you see it landing. Approximately of course.

Very hard to say @rescobar. The way I work is that I try to guestimate :slight_smile: the potential usage of the app (that’s why I make them generic) and in most case I end up between 30 - 150 Euro per account. If you need to do this for one account my experience is it will cost you 3-5 days to develop and deploy. That would be in the price range of 2.500 - 5.000 Euro.

Hope that makes sense.