Do items stay in archive indefinitely?

I’d like to know with confidence if items that have been archived will remain archived indefinitely or if there’s a set time-period after which they are permanently deleted (for eg in 2 years from being archived).
I need to know this in case I should store important archived items by exporting them and storing them elsewhere or not.

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Hi @z-hurst :wave:

Archived items are accessible for the lifetime of the account. If you’re concerned about losing historical data, you can always export what is required to excel and keep a copy for yourself somewhere you’re comfortable with too.

For further reference, you may find it useful to check the article library at - like this one on How to archive and unarchive

Feel free to shoot me an email via if you have any further questions or need a hand with anything

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Peta Bolger
Account Executive at upstream

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Thanks @peta that answered it perfectly

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