DocuGen Issues - Multiple Errors in the document

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I am curious if there is a better platform than DocuGen. I have been trying to create multiple levels of proposals and order forms and have found issues if the boards become diverse. A couple of days ago DocuGen could handle the communication, however it seems as though after several hours of working on troubleshooting, I get erroneous data inputted into the documents even though my board has all of the correct information. Are we required to use ultra-simplified boards with DocuGen and Monday??? What other options are out there? My team will be creating thousands of documents per year and I need to find a way to streamline this process!


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We have helped hundred of clients set-up Docugen to handle document generation. Happy to jump on a call to scope out how we can help you troubleshoot your current issues or find alternate solution.

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Hi Amber,

Thank you for the reply. My issue is not creating templates nor boards. My issue is that DocuGen will create a report accurately one day and then literally the very next day if I generate the exact same report, the numbers DO NOT match my Monday board. The numbers that show up on the document make no sense and do not reflect anything on my board. I don’t change anything, however the document that generates is not accurate. This is a problem.

I am not selling fruit at a roadside stand so my boards are complex. The boards work. I just need a document generator that grabs the value I need and puts it in the spot I want. DocuGen is obviously trying to manipulate data or something and can’t handle logic. Either that or they need to push an update as there is something wrong.


Hi @JHolden1975

Thank you for clarifying. It might be worth contacting Docugen support directly to help troubleshoot your issue.

Hoping this can be resolved for you soon.


Hi Amber. They are reviewing the issue as well.

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