Document Generator for multiple items on a Board

I’m currently using DocuGen to generate a templated document (docx or pdf) version of various item lines of a board. At this time the app can only do one item line per document. Ideally I;d like to be able to generate the one doc for all the item lines I select from a particular board.

Is that something that the MONDAY WORK DOC can do?

At the very least if you could insert a field from a specific Board/Group/Column/Item line

The next related outcome would be to create a version of the workdoc that is a template that then autopopulates from a series of item lines.

Lastly, I didn’t see in the presso whether the MONDAY workdoc is printable/downloadable if needs be to save a version of it in time?

Hey @Craig_G sorry I am late to reply here… We do have a way for DocuGen to generate documents containing multiple rows from your board:

If you face any issues, you can reach out to our super-friendly support team via the DocuGen in-app live chat or by email (

Is there a version of DocuGen that generates an email instead of a document?

Hi @apelkhaz
If you mean that DocuGen should send the generated document as an email attachment, yes, you can do this:

However, if you mean that DocuGen would populate an email template and send it as a pure email (no attachments), this is not supported at the moment. Is this what you meant? Can you tell me a bit more about the use case you are considering?