Docugen vs Eledo? Which is better?

Hi All - So I am struggling if I should go with Docugen or Eledo - so with Eledo to pull formulas, mirrors or subitem data, it’s a bit of a workaround and detailed knowledge of data expression - however I can filter items and subitems as needed…i.e. if I only want to see completed subitems, etc. You can do that in Eledo but not in Docugen…

However Docugen recognizes formula results, mirror columns(subitems summary) and it much easier to edit/update in Word, etc. vs Eldeo’s editor…

I really need a mix of both - the ability to filter and the ability to pull formula and mirror columns without complex data expressions…any suggestions would be appreciated!

@samicaracand tagging you into this one, i think you might have insights.

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Hi @Sara413 ,

Have you tried DocExport PDF Generator as well?
DocExport supports formula columns, mirror columns, and filtering, you can even pull colours of status labels into your documents. The template itself is based on a Microsoft Word document, so you have full design flexibility. The logic for placeholders is simple: {{Item.ColumnTitle}}

Regarding filtering: What is your specific use case? Do you want to create a report including all filtered items/subitems or filtered subitems for a single parent item?

Check out our Template Gallery to get some inspiration.

Thank you, I will take a look!