Looking for Standard Template

Hi Everyone,

Please I am looking for a Letter Template where I can select some items and then gather them all on a each columns in document ready for print and sign it. What is the best way to do it? I have tried ELedo and DocuGen But no success. Thank you

PandaDoc is what I use and Monday has a direct integration … ~ Dale

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Hi @tterra Sami here, DocuGen founder. I just now saw your post. Can you tell me a bit more what challenge you faced generating letters with DocuGen? I am sure I can find ways to help you!

Hi Sami. I am glad for your valuable help. Its not so difficult but it’s been knocking head challenge to find this out. So, All I need is to make a stantard template which it is allowed to fill it up from the board some elements that I select and only column that I choose, then generate to be ready to be signed. What is the best way to get it done? example attached.

Hi @tterra - it seems you would like to take specific items from your board and create a table in your document using those items. There is an easy way to do this with DocuGen; here is the explanation:

You also mention selecting specific items. DocuGen is unable to identify which items are selected; however, you can still control what specific items are sent to the document using a filter or a checkbox column; here is a simple explanation:

If you are still finding it challenging, please drop us a word at support@docugen.io (and copy me at sami@docugen.io) – please attach a copy of your Word template.

Good luck!


Hi! Awesome! I just followed your steps and its done. Also I watch your explanation on YouTube. Many Thanks for that Cheers.