Does the Sales CRM have an api

I’m looking to build an integration into monday sales crm.

When I look at the api documentation it talks about boards but not customers.
I’m hoping I’m just looking in the wrong spot.

Can someone point me in the right direction for the monday sales crm api docs.

We are looking to push customer activity logs into monday (e.g. they made a call).

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I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do. There is only one API and one documentation for it.

Can you please specify on the actions you want make using the API? Which queries? Which mutations?

I’m not familiar with Monday as I’ve been asked to investigate the api for a client with little other information.

I’ve found this documentation:

The problem is that my customer is talking about using monday’s sales crm.

As such I’m expecting to see entities such as customers and contacts in the api.

Instead I’m seeing entities such ‘boards’ which I assume is about Monday’s project management tool.
Is Monday Sales CRM a normal crm that stores customer information or have I misunderstood what monday sales crm does?

If it is a customer relationship manager how do I find a customer or contact via the api and then how do I record an interaction against the customer or contact?

Hello again,

I understand. The API does not work with fields that are specific for each use. The fields are always the same, regardless of the specific product. You are going to see things like workspaces, boards, items and subitems as fields.

You will see in the UI these boards inside workspaces and each board has items in it (rows in the board) which can have subitems and updates.

You can use that documentation you sent to do what you want to do. How to find a customer or contact will depend on how the boards are being used but you might want to check out this article.

If you want to send data to the board, the way you do that will depend on the type of column you are updating. You should check this article.

Hope that helps!


So to be clear.
I’m looking at this page from your site:

It shows

  • deals
  • Owners
  • Contacts
  • Meetings
  • Emails

So you are saying all of these items are mapped to workspaces, boards, items and subitems?

I’m also not clear what you mean by this statement:
The API does not work with fields that are specific for each use.

Our customer is also asking if we can customize the UI.

We are providing a telephony system and they want to implement a couple of interactions:

  1. click to dial
    This will require each phone number to trigger some javascript to call into our REST api.
    Is it possible to customise how a class of fields are displayed adding javascript to the field?

  2. Screen pops
    There are two modes that are being considered.

  • have our browser webapp open Monday with a URL that contains a phone number.
    This requires that Monday allows a search by phone number to be triggered from the URL.
    Does Monday support this type of URL based search?

  • embedded javascript into the Monday interface.
    The javascript would polll our system waiting for a phone call.
    When the call arrives the javascript would do a search (I guess this could be done via your graph ql interface) and then the javascript embedded
    into Monday would need to trigger a page transition in Monday to show the customer the graph ql query returned.

Is this possible?

Hello again,

Yes. That is correct. In the API the fields are workspaces, boards, items, subitems, updates, etc. You can find it all in the documentation.

What I mean is that these fields do not change in the API depending on the use that is given to the platform (marketing, CRM, development teams, etc.). It is always workspaces, boards, items, subitems, etc. that are organized in different ways in the UI depending on the use.

  1. You can use an integration with a custom action so that when someone clicks on a button column, or changes a status column, or uses any other built-in trigger, a call is sent to your server, so you can execute whichever process you want. You can not change how the column themselves work.

  2. This will depend on what you want to build exactly and if this is an app with an integration feature only, a board view, item view, or what the app has as features.

2A. I don’t know what you mean by “search by phone number to be triggered from the URL”. What would an example of this be?

2B. Again, I did not understand the flow you want to build. You want that whenever a call is triggered in your own platform, your script searches something in the monday boards and then push a view change in the monday platform? If so, it can’t be done. You can send a call to our API to get the information but you can not change the view inside the platform if the user is using it. You can send a notification to the user if you want (when the call arrives).