Drop List - Order and Selection

Good morning to everyone in the community,

Here are two questions to the drop list:

  1. The current drop list is multi-selection default setup, can i change it to single selection?
  2. The default order in the red frame is from small value to bigger value (22, 23, 24), can’t I reset the order? I prefer the latest year is shown on the top.

Hi @Han !

Unfortunately the multi select is a default setting on dropdown and cannot be altered. The same goes for the order of the menu in the Dropdown too.

What I might suggest is using a status column instead! That will allow you to choose only 1 label and you can order those!

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Han

I agree with @jailynnlucidday. I always use Status column wherever it is possible. Much more automation supports it.


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Thanks for the input. I am using status label as much as possible; however, the max label is upto 30, which is insufficient for the big client database. :frowning:


I agree that it would be great to be able re-sequence the values.

I have found that using the find box is almost as good (and sometimes better) for most cases. It might help your situation.

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