Due Date Dependencies per item

Hey Team!

First - we love Monday.com!

We are a real estate marketing team, and we have run into a bit of an issue.

Say we have a listing going to market.

Each listing has its own board within a workspace.

We have 5 groups for each listing for the different stages (Pre Appointment, Coming Soon, Active, Pending, Closed)

And in each of those groups we have different items (tasks) that need to be taken care of.

Each item has a due date that is dependent on a due date of another item. However, those dependencies are different for each item.

For example, one item’s due date might be 3 days after the due date of its dependent item. Yet another item’s due date might be 5 days before the date of its dependent item.

Effectively I’m looking to create due date dependencies that are specific to a single item, rather than an entire board.

Please help!

Hey @jeffwallace00, this is a great question and thanks for explaining a bit about your use case!

I’m curious to know if you’ve tried out this automation before? I ask because if you set up the intervals between items’s dates correctly (e.g. 5 days, 3 days), then these intervals will stay consistent across dependent items even as you adjust one or more items.


This will give intervals specific to two related items and adjust dates appropriately, but the intervals between dependent items would not have to be consistent across the entire board.

This worked perfectly! THANK YOU Monday.com Team!