Duplicate entries from Calendly

We’re having an issue where we have two separate calendly accounts integrated into our Monday.com board. One account is creating duplicate entries. If I turn off Calendly A, B works fine. If I turn on A & B, Calendly B is entered twice, once for A and again for B, resulting in two entries, and much confusion for our sales team.

Any advice on why my calendly is creating two events? We’re using a zap, both are set up with separate accounts and separate “groups”, so there’s no overlap.

Hey Matt! When you mention using a zap for this, you’re referring to Zapier, right? If so, I’d recommend shooting Zapier’s support team a message because it sounds like something they might want to see in action via video call! You can reach them at Zapier | The easiest way to automate your work | Zapier. Hope this helps!

Thanks, Charlotte, I should have taken this request there first!