Duplicate item does not trigger "When column changes"

I have an app with a trigger “When column change” and a custom action. The action is NOT triggered when an item is duplicated. Is this expected behavior?

Hi @basdebruin :wave:

This is, indeed, expected behavior. While I don’t currently have an understanding of your larger intended workflow, I’m curious if you might instead be able to utilize the “when an item is created” trigger to fit your needs? :slight_smile:


Hi @Scott-monday.com

I was afraid so :slight_smile:. The “workflow” is that I want to have the average of a column in one board send to an item in another board. I created an app for this and the trigger needs to listen to column changes. In almost all cases this is working perfectly as the default method of creating an item through the UI implies that you also change the column.

The only exception I wanted to catch is item duplication. In this scenario the full item is duplicated at one without entering an item with a name first.

Hi @Scott-monday.com and @dipro

The “When column change” trigger is also NOT fired when an item is deleted. In my opinion it should fire because the column changes when you delete an item. There is no possibility to trigger on item deletion. Apparently monday is using some other mechanism to show column summaries and multi item links + mirror.

Will the API ever support something along the lines of a column summary?