Webhook is not fired when datetime column is changed

In one of the boards we have added a datetime column. In this board, we have included a webhook that fires when any column changes. The question is, when we change only the time of this column, monday not detects that column change.
Also, we query the activity_log of the board via graphql and any event is logged.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot!!!

hi @jsanchezcs

This is indeed the behavior. A time change in datetime column does not fire a trigger. I have discussed this about a year ago and the answer was “works as designed, will put it on the list”

Thanks @basdebruin Our approach is detect subitems changes updating a datetime item column in item …

I think the best is to add a feature request for firing a webhook on time change. There are other events that does not trigger a column change, like deleting an item.

@jsanchezcs @basdebruin

Hey! I thought you might find this update relevant :slight_smile:

[RELEASED] Hours field supported for Date columns changes

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