Get the time component from a date in the webhook event

Hi all,

Does anybody knows a good workaroud of getting hold of the time component of a date column. I am using a column_change webhook and the time is not part of the event data. Any ideas?


Interesting problem. I found that the column_change trigger does not happen when only the time is changed and not the date. I would consider that a bug/design flaw. But since you didn’t mention that part, I’m assuming for the moment that this doesn’t cause an issue for your use case.

Once you get the webhook called, can’t you just to a direct read to get the column value for the time?


Correct, these are two slightly different things. I remember some months ago I had a discussion about the fact that the trigger does not fire when only the time changes. The reply was “works as designed” but they will consider it :slight_smile: .

Yes, I could do a reread but that does not fit very well in the current design of my app as I use the event columnValue for all other column types. Probably I just follow the design by monday (even when I consider it a flaw).

There are more trigger flaws that makes it sometimes hard to pick the correct design for an app.