Duplicate Questions in Forms

Would like the ability to duplicate questions on forms rather than having to create questions from scratch each time. Or be able to upload questions in bulk like uploading items to a board from Excel.

Hey @CWithrow, just to be sure I am understanding, would you essentially like to set up a dynamic form that is universal across multiple boards? Or alternatively, saving a specific column as a template to use in other forms within your account? If this isn’t what you mean, would you be happy to elaborate further on “duplicate questions on forms rather than creating questions from scratch”? Keen to hear from you :slight_smile:

@BiancaT thanks for following up!

I have a form, for example, that asks people about their KPI goals. The text of the question, the type of question, and the conditions are all the same so instead of having to create the question from scratch 10 times, if I could make the question once, duplicated it 9 times, and just change 1 word in the sentence, it would be a big time saver. I imagine the functionality to be the same as when you duplicate a task or item in a board.


I can see what you mean here - thank you for clarifying. I agree that duplicating the questions directly from the form would certainly be a significant time saver, and we apologise that at this time it is currently supported, however it is a request that has been shared internally :pray:

Totally understand! Thanks for checking in! Hope it happens in the future! :slight_smile:


This is a great idea. Surprised more people haven’t seen / upvoted it.

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Yes, I came exactly looking for a way to do this and am disappointed it’s not possible. I thought for sure I was missing something obvious! I have a series of questions with dependencies I want to repeat for several issues and could build the form in 5 minutes instead of 25 (with more time checking for typos & that everything is linked correctly/consistently etc.). This gap pushes me off Monday to build it elsewhere, and that being said I might as well just send a link to a Kobo form… Kindly do consider adding this feature so I can keep pulling users to Monday instead of having them go here, there, and everywhere! Thanks!

A “duplicate” option would save me so much time!

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I agree and upvoted! I t would be great if Form Questions had the same duplicating option that the Boards and Forms currently have.

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Any news on this basic but crucial function?

Hey everyone!

We appreciate there’s demand for this feature and whilst we do not have a concrete update to provide you with, we do encourage you all to share the request around to increase visibility and votes. Every quarter we take the feature requests with the top votes to our development team for a response. Please feel free to explore other feature requests and add your vote. Your opinion matters to us :raised_hands: