Duplicating Questions created in WorkForms and Individually Map Columns to questions on form

Hi Everyone,

So I have attached a email of one of my drop down selections in my WorkForms form.

As you can see i have 93 Selections i have to hand type out, and that can be exhausting especially if I have a condition that need to be also included when one of those are selected.

So i run into the problem of doing that over and over again making it very tedious and time consuming

and I cannot just make a duplicate column and let it fill my form that way as it won’t be automatically mapped to my board from the answers of my form.

My proposal for a new duplication feature of a question created on the WorkForms
form and individual mapping for columns to questions on a monday board.

If you would please consider my request, and vote on it please. I think it would be a great and time saving implication that could help with automation and overall cohesiveness of your board.

Thank you, Please do not hesitate to ask questions.