Duplicate the emails/notes from Emails & Activities tab from one board to another board

I’m running 2 different boards in same Workspace, let me named it as Board A and Board B. My team integrated their gmail on Monday.com too.

My current workflow is when the item’s status in Board A change to another status (In progress), it will auto duplicate the item with same info and move the duplicate item to Board B. My team will send their first email to internal/external person from Monday.com - Emails & Activities tab so that the email communications are tracked in Monday.com.

All the info from each of the columns will be duplicated and move to Board B except the emails/notes from the “Emails & Activities” tab.
Issues: The previous email thread from Board A doesn’t duplicate in Board B. End up, my team need to create a new email thread in Board B or copy the previous emails and paste in Board B. Also, after send out the email from Board B, the latest email thread won’t be tracked in Board A.

Any suggestions that allow me to duplicate the emails/notes from one board to another board?
Or, any suggestions for me to track the same email in different boards?

Hi @Sunnie - Welcome to the community! In your Email & Activities settings for the duplicated items, see what you have selected here: Image 2021-11-18 at 8.55.03 AM

If you change that to “All” I believe you should see all of the email history with that contact, not just what monday․com has connected to that one particular item.

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Hi @Sunnie :wave:

Welcome to the Community!

Were you able to give @PolishedGeek’s suggestion a try?
If so, and this resolved the issue for you, it would be great if you could mark this as the solution.
This really helps other users who might be looking for the same information!

If this didn’t resolve the issue, I’d love to continue to assist here!



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Hi @PolishedGeek
Sorry for late reply.
I selected “All” as per the image you attached previously. However, I still not able to see the email history after I duplicated particular item and move it to another board.

PS: No “Contact” column in all the boards, not sure if this is the reason why the email history doesn’t copy/connect from one board to another board

Hi @Sunnie!

Sorry to hear this didn’t resolve the issue for you.
Could you perhaps share with us a few screenshots of the boards you’re using?
This will allow us to get a better idea of the context and try to replicate things on our side.

Please ensure your screenshots do not include any sensitive data!

Alternatively, do feel free to privately message these to me if you’d prefer.



Hi @Dani ,

May i know how to private message you? :slight_smile:


You can just click on my profile picture, and you should see the option to send me a message.
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As we haven’t had any updates here, I’m going to go ahead and mark this thread as closed.

If you have any additional questions or you feel your original query wasn’t resolved, please feel free to let us know and we’ll be happy to continue to assist! You can also continue to PM me after the thread has closed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: