Receiving duplicate emails from board with form and email integration

I have a board that utilizes a form to gather information and populate the columns of the board. I also have a gmail integration setup to email the info when a new item is created.

The problem I am facing is when the new item is created, I get the email from the form, and then I get a second email with the same information that says it’s a automation (I have 0 automations set up on this board). When I turn the integration off, however, I get 0 emails instead of 2.

I’m hoping to figure out how to stop getting the second redundant email. I am still quite new to so I am hoping and assuming there is a simple fix for this.

Hey @jonnyhoolko, thanks for posting and sorry to hear about the trouble with getting 2 emails! Could you write in to about this? We can offer quicker, more personalized support about this issue there.