Duplicating a task for multiple, unique owners

We need to track training completed for a 20+ person team. For example, we all needed to do our company Integrity Training by 5/31. Without entering a row in an item one by one, then multi-editing to set a required completion data, and finally, adding a unique owner for each row, is there a simpler way to do this? Same task, same due date, different owners.


Hi @BruceB
Welcome to the community. We have an app called Item per Person. It is not available in the marketplace yet but you can learn everything about it here. There is detailed documentation and a Try me link.

Thanks for the link. I don’t seem to have the same set of features for automation for a button action. This may be due to that I am still evaluating Monday.com or are those beta features?

Take a look at the detail document. When you installed the app you will find the feature under “Integrate”