Duplicating items in group and automatically updating date field of duplicated item

Hi everyone! How do I create an automation that duplicates ALL of the items in a group (generally 5-6 items) every week and automatically updates the due date of each item to 7 days after the date of the original item’s due date? I am really stumped on this one.


Hello, did you find a way to do it, I also want to create this. Thanks

I’m also looking for this solution - the output is to have a dashboard calendar view of our team’s hybrid work schedule - folks can go in and send a form to change this/next week’s day of WFH if they’d like to. Any other alternative/solution for this outcome?

Hi @Eus @Sabu98 @kbove - you can pair together a few automations to achieve this.

I would first add a couple of additional columns to support this. First, I added second date column (I called mine Trigger Date) that triggers the duplication of the item on a regular frequency. I also added a status column (called Push Dates) with two options (Yes,No) that controls when dates should be pushed (as you dont want it to run for every item creation likely)

Then a second to push the due date and the trigger date by 7 days so it is ready for the following week but only when the Push Dates Status = YES.

Hope this helps!