Duplicating Project Templates without having members, due dates, statuses, and column contents duplicated

My organization created a project template that was very successful - it will now become our template for all buildout projects. When I try to duplicate it with structure and items, all of the tagged members from the previous project show up, as well as dates, costs, statuses, documents so it is not usable.

I can not build the report from scratch because of the amount of content, and deleting all members, dates, and costs on each task will take me hours. Does anyone have a workaround? Ideally I would love for the product team to add this feature, or at least allow to clear columns.

Not a workaround just in support of this-- this feature would be extremely helpful and make recreating campaigns and boards for similar programming much less time consuming!

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Thinking outside of the box.

  • Create a new group named templates
  • Add Project
  • Create a template status

If you have some automatic things happening. I suppose in the Template group, you could technically store different variations of templates. This is where your problem becomes a solution. :grin: