Would be great to have an option to create Group templates

I want to use Groups as features. Each feature has the same development stages, say Design, Pre-Production, Production etc - that I create as Projects within each group.
To avoid manually creating the same set of Projects for each new Group/Feature, I would like to have an option to create a Group template and copy it every time I add a new feature/Group to my board, so all the Projects within it are created by default

YES! I need this feature as well! I have an agency that creates brand identities. We also do photo and video content. Specifically on the branding side, we have a standard workflow that i need to recreate with every project. it would be amazing if we could create a template for any custom workflow.

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This would be amazing for my fabrication company as well! We are using one board to capture the overarching timelines for all jobs currently active in our shop. Each job has its own group with 5 steps laid out (fabrication timeline, ship date, deliver date, install dates, equipment return).

Currently, I have a template group at the bottom of the board, with extensive instructions in the updates section for how to duplicate & set up the duplicated group. Since there are over 10 people using this board and creating new project groups, there is a large amount of human error in this process and I am constantly sorting through & correcting their mistakes. If a group template could be pre-set for this board, that would eliminate so much of this headache.