Would be great to have an option to create Group templates

I want to use Groups as features. Each feature has the same development stages, say Design, Pre-Production, Production etc - that I create as Projects within each group.
To avoid manually creating the same set of Projects for each new Group/Feature, I would like to have an option to create a Group template and copy it every time I add a new feature/Group to my board, so all the Projects within it are created by default

YES! I need this feature as well! I have an agency that creates brand identities. We also do photo and video content. Specifically on the branding side, we have a standard workflow that i need to recreate with every project. it would be amazing if we could create a template for any custom workflow.

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This would be amazing for my fabrication company as well! We are using one board to capture the overarching timelines for all jobs currently active in our shop. Each job has its own group with 5 steps laid out (fabrication timeline, ship date, deliver date, install dates, equipment return).

Currently, I have a template group at the bottom of the board, with extensive instructions in the updates section for how to duplicate & set up the duplicated group. Since there are over 10 people using this board and creating new project groups, there is a large amount of human error in this process and I am constantly sorting through & correcting their mistakes. If a group template could be pre-set for this board, that would eliminate so much of this headache.

desperately need this without needing to purchase an additional app from the marketplace. it appears everything has been templatized except for Groups.

Board Templates: Awesome!
Column Templates: Awesome!
Group Templates: ???

Hello @mmaggart,

Using the Duplicates and Uniques app might help you out here. Here is a video of a board/group template in action. If you need any help, you can always write to support@kolaai.com


It would be great if we could save groups of items, along with optional column values, as templates. With this feature, we could create template groups and use them like modules.

Let me give you some use case examples:

  1. Let’s say I have a template for a project and sometimes my supervisor needs to review it and give their approval. With this feature, I could add the “review” group to my board and don’t have to create items manually.
  2. Another example could be when I have multiple customers booking services with different options. For instance, one customer may book options 1, 3, and 7, while another may book options 2 to 6. With the template group feature, I could create an overview board and simply click the desired options to have them automatically created in a lower-level board.

Overall, this feature would greatly enhance the software’s functionality and help to be more flexible. Thank you for considering my suggestion.

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Really surprised that Monday.com doesn’t have a Groups template. It seems like it would just be intutitive to have it, even more so than the column template. Please make this happen Monday. We usually like to put the the bigger projects as Boards, then any recurring tasks like different events but same tasks as Groups with the subtask as sub items so we really need groups templates

Hi all,
Do you know if there is any app in Monday marketplace that offers this functionality ?