Improvements to Board Templates Feature

There are a few improvements to that I think would support the use of templates:

  • Allow the creation of Sub-folders in the board menu to organize boards into groups under a categorical header - such as, Clients -> Company A -> Product/Service -> Boards
  • Designate a group of boards as a template (preserved links/automation between them) OR ability to duplicate a group of boards
  • When created a new board from a template, pop-up a form to complete to set up the new board - such as, board owner, subscribers, board description, Client info, Project info, etc.

Before switching to, I briefly used ProcessSt. to set up repeatable templates for the execution of services to a client. I would love to see the template methodology ProcessSt. uses on That being, a template is designed with variables and can be assigned to a user to complete.
Example in A high-level board tracks up-coming projects. Once ready to initiate the project, automation creates a board (or set of boards) from a template and assigns them to a user. The user can now access the board templates and customize it for their client/customer, before completing the tasks on the board.

+1 from me, specially the group of boards as a template. It would be nice if we can have multiple boards as one template. I tend to call it “containers”. A container is a group of boards that are stored together and that retain links and automation between the boards in that container. Board permissions are set at the container lever and the boards inside the container inherits these permissions. It might be a good idea to include dashboards in the same container (version 2.0 ? :slight_smile:)

All those ideas would help tremendously by organizing the work space and making it easy to keep up with it!
Would double-vote if I could :blush:

Yes. These would be great additions to folder and board organization and templating. We use the OKR methodology so nesting folder/boards into more layers would be helpful. I would like to see this too.

Thanks for adding @mpmcqueen!

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