Duplication of item move to different group

I am trying to duplicate an item and move it to a different group. However, I want to duplicate the item and then move the old item to a group for past service and the new item I want to clear some of the columns and move to future service group. I know how to do all of this, but the problem I am having is that the new item remains in the past service group and the original item is sent to the future service group, but I want it the other way around. I have researched this, but can’t find this solution. Can anyone help?

Hey @ragdavis3008,

I’ve played around with this and you’re right, it is a little tricky…

At this stage, in order to have the original item move to the past service group, I’d set up these 2 automations (which utilise the status column as a trigger):

Regarding that new item, this indeed is where I am running into a roadblock… in my opinion, in order to have that new item behave without issue, I do think to achieve this natively, you would need to keep this a manual process (to avoid race conditions between the duplicated item and the original item).

It is worth posting this as a feature request, specifically the ability to set automations on duplicated items, as I think this would help this situation immensely…