Automation Duplication and movement

Hello, We currently use our boards to manage daily, weekly and monthly task. These are assinged to groups, example group 1 is Daily recurring task with all if the Items listed. I have set and automation for the evenings that reads Everyday @ 10 PM Duplicate Daily Recurring Task and another one that says " When the date completed arrives and if the status is DONE move Item to Completed. However when the item duplicates it reverts to Not Started which I love, but it also still has the "Date Completed from the night before as well as the Time for the time tracked from the night before. Is there a way to set the Group to Duplicate, set to Not started and have all the other columns cleared?

Hi Milly,

When you duplicate, I guess your item keeps the "done " status and then you move it back to not started.
You should be able to use a custom made automation like this:
When status changes from “done” to “not started”,
then clear column x
then clear column Y

Clear column works quite good, except with the board linkage generated by automation.
Tell me if it works
Have a good day

Thank you, I am going to try it. Currently my duplicate automation is not working. Duplicates the first day but then doesn’t recognize the duplicated group the next day to do it again. I will post once I have it set and running again.