Dynamic Due Date on Sub-Item based upon Date in Item

I’ve searched the community and I’ve found a couple of inetrgations that worked for people with issues that are somewhat similar to my need, but not anything that works exactly.

I’m looking to have a Date field on the parent item that indicates a target date for something to be launched. I have a series of sub-items that are being automatically created in a specific order to outline to-do tasks. Some of the sub-items have defined due dates that are relative to the launch date (e.g. 2 days before, 1 week before, 2 weeks before, etc.). I need to find a way to dynamically update these sub-item due dates based upon the parent item’s launch date. All of the integrated automations I’ve explored don’t seem to do the work. For example, I can use General Caster to cast a date based off of the formula, but that date only lives within the parent item.

Hey @MSchleicher

We developed an app that solves this exact use case of and allows to automatically set date + some offset which is relative to the parent item’s date.

If you have the sub-items already created with values, all you need is to make sure they have a numbers column which represents the offset from the parent item’s date. See example →

On subitem creation -

Or when parent item’s date has changed -

That should do the trick for you :slight_smile:

You can find it in the monday.com marketplace in the platform or here - monday.com: Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!