Parent Item Due Date Based on Soonest Subitem Due Date Not "Completed"

It’d be awesome to have a way for the due date on the parent item to dynamically reflect the soonest due date for it’s uncompleted subitems.

Usage example: We use parent items to track campaigns/projects that may have multiple deliverables with different due dates, tracked as subitems.

If the parent due date could automatically be set for the soonest subitem’s date (like we did in the above example, March 9), but then automatically switch to the next subitem due date as items are marked as “completed”, like in this example (all “March 9” subitems are marked as completed, so the parent due date shifts to March 16):

Either a built-in feature or an automation/integration for this would be incredibly helpful.

hi @videoaaron

We have an app called Rollup Subitems (see that almost does what you describe. It can copy the first (or last) date from a set of subitems to the parent item (as real date) and it can filter out subitems based on criteria.

The filtering is currently a defined list of terms against a dropdown column in the subitems.

We could (relatively easy) create a new function that goes like this:

Create a named filter by checking this status column and pass items that contain / not contain [status labels]

In that scenario [status labels] is a dropdown that shows all status labels and the “Done statuses”

Let me know if you are interested in this app with the proposed extension to filter on status labels.

Yeah, I’d be interested in trying that out.

@basdebruin I’d definitely be interested in trying that out - could you notify me when that feature is available if you implement it?