Looking for solution to manage multiple upcoming subitem dates

Hello Monday forum,

I’m in need of a solution to manage upcoming dates associated with items.
for more context, I have studies currently set up as the parent items in my board, and have been manually adding each scheduled “report due date” as a sub item.
Parent: “study XYZ”
Subitems: .5 month (manually entering in due date here)
1 month (manually entering in due date here)
3 month (manually entering in due date here)…etc

I have many different studies that I need to track, however the cadence of when the reports are due is always the same, but different since those are based off of the parent items start date…if that makes sense.

I need a solution that calculates these sub items due dates based off of a date I set within the parent item. Once I get this under control I need to also set up a dashboard/visual that is broken up by some different categories that I have in my boards.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you,

Hey Tiffany!

It sounds like the dependency column could be super helpful to setting subitem dates based on the parent item date!

Check it out here and let me know what you think!

Hi Charlotte,

Thank you so much for responding! This might be a solution, I will give it a shot!

Thanks again,