Eisenhower Diagram using Importance and Urgency Columns

I would like to use values (Ideally a single letter, could be a numeric if needed) from a column, “Importance”, a numerical value (1-99) in a column, “Urgency” and a value in a column, “Effort” to create a diagram like the Eisenhower Diagram. This would provide a graphical representation of my prioritized pulses, using “Effort” to determine the size on the diagram. Then ideally, the element in the chart would be clickable to take me to the respective pulse in the table.

Yeah this would be a useful additional view for Monday.com for lots of ideas. I used to use Airtable and it does this really well. We would use it to compare impact versus effort for ideas.

Hey guys,

I think this would be absolutely possible!

I would check out the time management webinar which covers how to implement this concept into monday.com. Watch it and let me know if it helps? :llama: