Email & activities template - change date format

Is there anyway to change the language/locale setting for the date column when you use this column in a template?
Ex. You message dated: August 31st 2022 should change to another language format, for instance Dutch: Uw bericht van 31 augustus 2022.

My account date settings are set to ‘Day Month, Year’. Account language set to English, but tested with Dutch and it still used the English format.


Same issue here, the formatting of the date in the email doesn’t use the formatting set in
The same goed for using the date in other external applications.

Hoi Michael,

Heb je al een oplossing voor dit probleem? Ik loop tegen hetzelfde aan.

Groet, Jill

Is it already possible to change the date format?

I just encountered this again when making a mail template and was wondering myself too.

Wish @moderators could shed some light on this.

I am having the same issue here. If anyone knows a solution, please help us!!