Email attachments - bigger text, higher up or as real attachments


When you currently use the Emails & Activities view to send emails with attachments.
The attachments becomes a link, and is placed underneath all the text, with an even smaller text font.
That’s suboptimal.

Would it be possible to add the attachment as a real attachment to the mail, or maybe have larger text, placed above the signature at least. Maybe work as when you add files to a pulse, so you could make a hyperlink from a file.



Yes +1 for this! I don’t even use the app because of this issue. The amount of times I have had to explain to someone where the attachments are, defeats the purpose of using it.

I wish they would go through as an actual attachment, but as you said - at the very lease bigger text before the signature would be great.

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We can’t be the only one with this issue. I hope Monday will be updating this feature.

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I strongly want this added, will allow our team to automate very easily a few processes. Just have the link at the top will work fine but with our email signatures our clients are bound to miss them.

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Yes, agree it needs to be an actual attachment rather than a clip or a small link adrress.

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Same here, my client told me he couldn’t find my attached invoice.

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