Email column with thread like Case Notes

Emails and Activities, along with updating emails via pulse is great, except if you have an item created on a different board that mirrors to the original item, you lose the email log on the new board. Wondering if there is a column, similar to case notes, that you could have email threads then you can mirror the column on different boards. That way all boards can actually view the conversation. Anyone know of a way to integrate this, or have any ideas?

Hi@Rach12 ,
There is a way to create a column similar to case notes that can store email threads. You can use the Connect Boards Column to create a column that links to items on other boards. This way, you can store all of the email threads related to an item in one place, even if the item is mirrored to multiple boards.

The email log is only associated with the specific item that it was sent to or updated from. If you have an item created on a different board that mirrors to the original item, the email log will not be copied over to the new board.

I hope this helps

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Hi there - I need a little more insight on this - where exactly will the email thread show up?

@BiancaT Any ideas?

Hey @Rach12,

Thanks for flagging this!

Can I ask if you had looked into the Emails and Activities App? This app allows you to sync those email threads across connected items - which I believe is what you’re referring to.

Let me know what you think, and please correct me if I’ve misunderstood!

Hi Bianca, if this is a different item and we want email information to show board to board - say for example the email address is the same on a column and item name is the same on both boards, but then the email and activities does not show the information on both. They are not connected - wondering if there is actually a column that can be mirrored that will show email threads.

Thank you for clarifying :pray:

I am afraid it is not possible to sync email threads through a mirrored email column, however if you’re using the E + A app, those emails should display in the connected item…