Mirror Email Column and Conversations

I have two boards. Board 1 is Contacts Name & Email address. Board 2. Is a request board which utilises a form to populate the board and initiate a response. I have linked Board 1 to Board 2 to allow the email of the requester to be populated and then if required generate an email response.

When an email response from Board 2 is generated the conversation is stored in Board 1.

Is there anyway to allow the mirrored email address when used in board 2 to allow the conversation to be stored in board 2 and not board 1

Thanks in advance

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Hey Matt,

Just to clarify, are you using the emails and activities app to achieve this or the gmail/outlook integration independently?

Hi Bianca,

Basically linking mirroring the email from Board 1 to Board 2. Clicking the email address in board 2 to initiate a trackable conversation per item. Problem is the mirrored email address shows the board 1 pulse ref so any initiated conversation is logged against board 1 and not the item in board 2.



I see what you mean here - thanks for clarifying! At this time I am afraid this is expected behaviour when linking/connecting items. I apologise for the setback!

That said, if it’s of interest, when sending emails via the emails and activities app, it’s possible to log those emails in the items that are connected.

More information here → Emails & Activities on monday.com

Hi Bianca,
I have seen multiple forum requests regarding the email address in a mirrored column.
We would like to be able to send automated emails to an email address that is populated via a mirrored column.
This is not the first time this has been suggested.
Will this be something that Monday will look into?
Or, advise why this is not a possible function?


Is there any resolution to this? Seems pretty absurd to not be able to utilize the information in mirrored columns for automations


Yeah, ridiculous. It’s so frustrating building out boards only to not be able to use a mirrored email address (Which you have to do because you’re not going to build a board with both active activity and static client database details on the 1 board, ever!) and neither can you use a formula in automations. Both of these missing features completely flaw Monday.com to be totally pointless. Get it sorted Monday.com, it’s complete basic functionality that needs to be in place as standard.

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