User Line item communication across boards with mirrored items

I have departments that use their own boards, and boards are connected with mirrored columns. Thus, there are line items that share columns across boards. I would like a way for the departments to tag users and post activity update comments on a line item on their own board let’s call it board A, and the messages show up on board B. For example, if you “@JohnnyB we found discrepancies with this project” on line item 1 in the Updates bubble section on board A, then JohnnyB can see that message with the item 1 on board B and not have to leave his board.

Hey Katelynn,

I hear where you’re coming from here. That said, I am afraid it isn’t currently possible to sync updates between connected items, to combat having to move between boards. Please add your vote to the existing feature request here → Shared or mirrored updates for connected items :pray:

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