Email - Grouping all messages from the same recipient into one item

I have a problem with my workflow.

Each item on the board means a different business, it turns out that for different items I can have the same email recipient. In the e-mails and activities table, monday is grouping in the history the e-mails of all items destined for the same person.

Is there any way to ungroup? I need only the emails sent relating to that business to be concentrated in each item, as composing the entire history of messages with the person in different items harms the timeline of the specific case.

Hey Renato,

Do you have the option to filter to that specific item in the app?

Screen Shot 2023-09-26 at 2.55.51 pm

Hi Bianca,

Yes I have. I hadn’t noticed this filtering function.
It worked here… Thanks for the support!!!

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