Email Notification for Going Over Action Quotas

We had an issue with an integration in our account that went over the 25,000 actions allowed on our pro account this month that we were not aware of until we went in to review our Usage statistics.

It would be super helpful if there were an email notification that went out to account admins when we are approaching our account limitations as well as when we have met them.

Hey Christopher,

We released this feature/functionality a couple of months ago in which account admins will receive an email when they reach 50%, 70% and 100% of their automation (or integrations) action limit. To confirm, this is not occurring for you? Can you double check that those emails haven’t ended up in your spam or junk folder? :pray:

@BiancaT Thank you Bianca - I have checked my junk and spam folders and can verify that we didn’t get any notification. When I chatted with support they told me that feature wasn’t available. Are there any release notes or documentation about that feature that I can point to if I reach back out to support?

We actually have 2 site admins on our account - I followed up with the other admin and he did receive the email warning, but my admin account did. He is set up as our billing contact, so I am wondering if the warnings only go to the billing contact and not all site admins perhaps?

Thank you for sharing this information with me :+1: I am following up with the dedicated product manager to clarify expected behaviour here. I will let you know as soon as I hear back. Thanks for your continued patience!

Thanks for your patience with me Christopher! I’ve heard back from the team who confirmed that only one admin will receive the email notification. At this stage there is no logic behind who receives the email however I have requested that we investigate a way to set a specific logic so it is more clear to users. I will keep you in loop regarding future developments :+1:

Thanks so much @BiancaT!

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