Emails and Activities Outages?

The Emails and Activities widget has been experiencing a lot of downtime. Is this a problem on my end, or is this regular behavior of the widget? I’d like to be able to use this feature with my team, but it’s been unavailable about 30% of the time in the last week. I was wondering if there’s maintenance happening that is affecting it, or if this is usual behavior. If it’s the latter, I don’t think I’ll be able to use it as I was intending, unfortunately,

This is definitely odd and not expected behavior! Are you still seeing lots of downtime? If so, please let us know at so we can look into what is causing this!

Thanks for replying! It’s very spotty. Some days I have 100% uptime, and other days it barely works at all. At this point, my plan is to keep using and testing it myself, but I can’t roll it out to the team as part of our workflow because of the unreliability.

Andy Goulet
Operations Manager