Emails & Activites Widget

Hi all,

Is anyone else experiencing major glitches with the emails and activities widget?

Though a little slow, the app has been working fine until last week!

We have 10x users, each with their own email account and access to 4 shared email accounts. We are now finding each user is only able to access 1 or 2 accounts to send an email, and sometimes even if it shows as available, the emails aren’t actually getting sent.

I have also noticed, that despite setting them all up under my user profile, the ‘account owner’ had changed to one of my colleagues. Last night i transferred ownership of the automations back to myself via the admin console, which seemed to work briefly and I got one of the shared mailboxes working again, but This morning the ‘account ownership’ had changed to someone else entirely!

We can’t be the only ones requiring access to multiple email accounts for each user, and I cannot fathom what has caused such errors!

Any help would be appreciated, Mondays tech support yesterday could only suggest ‘disconnect and reconnect’ each email account, but I now can’t even do that if it is going to continue to change the account ownership!

Hey James,

So sorry to hear of the issues you’re encountering with the Emails and Activities App - this definitely sounds strange.

After some investigation, it appears that over the course of last week we experienced some issues with the E + A app, that have now ben resolved. Can you let me know if you’re still experiencing issues within the app? :pray:

Hello Bianca,

The E&A feature is capturing all emails from the email mentioned in the email field. Whether they are related to the item or not, including team invites, RSVPS, other topics, etc… Even though the item related activities filter is selected by default. Still I can see all communications. How can I configure this to fetch emails from the Item thread only?

Hey Mohammad,

The item related activities filter is only to filter out emails with email addresses in the connect boards column. The expected behavior is that all emails between connected emails in the E&A app and email addresses in the Email Column will show! Does this clarity why might be experiencing this behaviour or are emails from connected boards displaying?

Hello Bianca,
Thank you for your reply. A specific email has a few items on the board. One is for each service request raised via a form. So there are multiple items per email field. The feature should enable filtering based on the email subject. If subject is the same or Re: Subject or pulse.item then it should be in the same thread of E&A view otherwise, it belongs to another thread and another item! This is the expected behavior