Email template disappearing whenver opening new web browser

Hi, all. How are you.

Recently I got a very weird issue on email template. It sounds really funny but actually happening like ;

  1. I open an email activity and write something to save content as email template.
  2. In same web browser, that saved templates are stored and can be re-used normally.
  3. However, when closing current web browser, that saved template is gone.
  4. What I have tried ;
  • Different PCs
  • Different web browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Edge)
  • Different accounts under my corporation
  • Deleting caches from browsers
  1. It began since two weeks around.

If it is just happening only single user and single PC, maybe I can understand something can be wrong but as I wrote above, have tried multiple ways but result is same.

At same time, email signature is also doing same behaviour.

So, in conclusion, those email templates and signatures are NOT stored correctly regardless PCs web browsers and users. Very strange which makes our staffs work very slow as they need to copy / paste again and again. It definiately had no issue but just 2 weeks ago.

Can I ask your thoughts or expereinces? Is it possible my corp DB in Monday is broken?


Hey Seram,

This certainly sounds strange - sorry for the inconvenience!

Would you be happy to send over a short screen-recording demonstrating this behaviour in action? You can use the free, online tool - I can share this with our technical team who will be able to investigate what might be happening here!