Email Tracking Across Boards

:wave:, monday Community! I’m working to set up monday as a CRM. I’m hoping someone can point me in the correct direction to execute some functionalities that aren’t native to the app.

What is the best way to use mirrored columns to update the secondary boards?

Here’s a brief overview of the boards I currently have

  • Company: includes details on the company as a whole

  • Contacts: includes specific contact info, and links to the company

  • Pipeline: used to track new opportunities, links to contacts and mirrors the contacts phone and email columns

Here’s what I’m looking for

  • When a user sends an email using the mirrored email column with the CC to pulse option, the update is recorded on both the Pipeline and the linked Contacts pulse. Currently, engaging the email only creates an update on the Contacts pulse.

  • When an email is received from the mirrored email column via integrated Gmail, an update is recorded on both the Pipeline and linked Contacts pulse. As with the above, this currently only updates the Contacts pulse.

  • When either of the above actions occurs, the “Last Contacted” date column in the Pipeline board updates to the date of the email.

Fingers crossed that someone out there has been successful in setting up something similar :nerd_face: